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Why Tenkara?

A few years ago my good friend Yvon Chouinard showed me a tenkara rod he'd been using. Yvon reported that he'd had a lot of fun fishing small water with the rod. I looked it over, raised my right eyebrow and replied, "reminds me of the cane pole I used when I was a boy". Yvon, being the minimalist he is extolled the rod's simple design and function and I bit, so to speak, hook-line and sinker. That day we were fishing Odell Creek, the same stream Nick Lyons immortalized it has wonderful book, "Spring Creek". Odell is known for big trout and lots of them. I began fishing Yvon's tenkara rod that day and it did not take long for me to figure out that the tenaka method is deadly, killing, the most effective method I'd ever used for fishing small water for large trout. I tried nymphs, I fished emerges and dry flies. I caught fish that day and now four fishing seasons later I find I use a tenkara rod 70% of my time on the water.